Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it pains...

It pains me…but my pain does’nt help her…saw her at the slums near the wai temple. When my camera saw this cute child it yearned to get her in frame…it is true that looking from the viewfinder I didn’t notice the wounds on her face…perhaps I was more engrossed to make a picture….I noticed them while post-processing….and I was sad….sad over my meaningless pain for her….just 20 bucks…I cud have bought a soframycin tube….which wud have helped reduce at least her physical pain….sitting at my computer I cud only wonder how this cute, delicate thing bore all this without a sign of it in her expressions…with a load half her weight on her lap….no sign of complain…. I really felt depressed about it…. There again I missed a chance to help myself….

(Wai is situated on the banks of river Krishna, which has some very picturesque and serene locations. It’s a historical town in satara district of maharashtra, around 90 km from pune. It is also a popular shooting location for hindi movies. Its has two main temple complexes and ghats. The Ganpati temple on the ghats and the menavali temple ghats, which is so serene….)

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zeal said...

very touching..