Friday, September 21, 2007

its all in mind...

I met him at bithoor, (near kanpur,Uttar Pradesh,India) a sleepy historical village with centuries old ruins scattered all over the place. He was having his meals on the banks of river ganges…with a polythene bag beside him…that bag was enough for all the worldly things he needed…It was a couple of years back…but still the contentment on that baba’s (sadhu) face haunts me…how was he so content with just a bagful of things to hold on to this world…I watched him for some time….and not for a moment the feeling on his face went different…he had something which most of us did not have…I felt like searching his bag….while I knew it had just two eating vessels and a dhoti (a long piece of white cloth to cover the body)…still my curiosity remained….when he saw me looking at him he just smiled…as if telling me….its all in mind my son…..


nama said...

he travels through life
with a smile and a twinkle in his calm eyes
asking not for tomorrows ,
but living todays .
i admire him and sometimes long to be him for
what he is
content and alive

Anonymous said...

24 X 7 - peace ! Lovely picture.